The Sea Love Story


Sea Love Founders

Sea Love was founded in 2017 on the southern coast of Maine by Stacy Miller. 

Stacy started making candles in her basement in 2017 because her husband Barry has asthma, and he wasn't able to tolerate any of the candles they'd tried to burn in their home. After learning most common candles on the market are filled with toxic paraffin wax bases, she started experimenting with natural waxes. After a year of making candles as a craft for herself and her friends, paired with feeling that her career path was not meeting her desire to help people, Stacy came up with the idea of Sea Love; a company that blended her loves (the sea and clean burning candles!), with a passion to help promote living a healthier lifestyle and giving back with environmental consciousness.

Stacy and Barry are now entrepreneurs who work side by side together and have turned a passion project into a life they love -- bringing other small business owners into the Sea Love family as franchise partners throughout the country. They are committed to share their love of clean, healthy living and to help others live their own dreams of small business success.