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TEASPRESSA Kits & Mini Cubes

TEASPRESSA Kits & Mini Cubes

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You'll win the "Best Friend" award for this fun gift! Highly recommended in champagne to add a little fresh strawberry taste. Dimensions: 5/8” x 5/8” x 4.25”

Enjoy decorated craft bubblies anywhere, anytime! Set includes: MINI Rose Petals, MINI Raspberry, MINI Grapefruit For Best Results: Step 1: Places cubes in the bottom of flute Step 2: Pour bubblies (sparkling water/wine) over cube Step 3: Garnish with toppings Find the perfect holiday gift under the Christmas tree with Teaspressa. 


Arcadia Orange-What goes better with your champagne than a drop of OJ? We actually have the answer to that, our Arcadia Orange sugar cube! This cube is jammed packed with fresh peeled orange picked from tree with a sprinkle of sugar. Arcadia Orange is great in a cup of hot or iced black tea, as an add on to a coffee or even tea mocha, and makes the perfect addition to any mimosa bar! 

Grapefruit-A super fun, bright flavoured cube boasting a juicy red, fresh grapefruit taste. Perfect to make a refreshing summer spa water, add to your green iced tea, or add it to your weekend mimosa bar! 

Lemon-What goes better with tea than a fresh squeezed lemon and a dose of sugar?! Let's not also forget that a bright lemon flavour goes well in sparkling water, sparkling fruit juice to add that lemonade touch, in a glass of cold iced tea to make the infamous Arnold Palmer, and even champagne! 

Strawberry-You'll win the "Best Friend" award for this fun gift! It's a bold infusion of all natural strawberry with cane sugar that makes for the most exciting champagne experience! An all natural sugar cube, naturally dyed with strawberry and made locally. These cubes feature a sweet, yet delicate fruit tart tart taste. Highly recommended in champagne to add a little fresh strawberry taste.

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